Company History

History and development

LLC.VPSA Education Consultancy, a premier organisation from Ukraine was founded in Kiev with a vision to provide quality, economically viable education in Ukraine for foreign student’s .LLC.VPSA Education Consultancy takes the pride in being the pioneer organisation to provide admission to different Universities across Ukraine.


We believe that consultancy is a big responsibility, which could have a major effect on our students’ educational career and life. For this reason, our first priority is indeed to ensure that students are given consultancy that helps them in the first place to take the right decisions. This principle will also sustain our reputation and business in long term.

We act as a representative agent for Ukrainian Institutes in INDIA, MIDDLE EAST & UK. Our role goes far beyond the procedural assistance we offer to students. We are fully aware of our responsibility in linking between our part of the world and the institutes we represent and their societies.  We have specialized members of staff to cover societal and cultural aspects of which students should be aware before moving to their new institutes. This principle will make us distinguished as we offer educational consultancy and services in a holistic sense and with awareness of the big picture of education world.

Our aim is to help our students to get the highest levels of education. We work to achieve that by targeting world-renowned education institutes in the different disciplines.

We carefully evaluate student’s educational status and give consultancy that supports their decisions towards a more efficient and solid educational career.

We help students to get admissions in well-reputed universities, which have internationally recognized degrees and courses. We analyse the needs, skills, and previous education (area, nature of study and achieved marks) of our students and recommend to them different choices to choose amongst.

We provide guidance on educational matters that a student should know before starting the study. The goal is to guarantee a study career that has the highest degree of efficiency and achievements,

We propose operational plans and educational programs for organizations for life-long learning of their members of staff. We follow the implementation stage after approval, communicate, and align always with our partners. We monitor the development and progress and communicate feedback between both parties.

We build a strong link between the academic institutions and their respective students aiming to enhance the quality of the interaction and, thus, both sides’ experiences. We believe that a comfortable relation between our students and the administration of their institutes will have a very positive effect on both sides resulting in a more enjoyable and fruitful educational career.

As per our young students, we work to get confidence of their guardians of the quality and reliability of VPSA Consultants. We understand that this is a very big responsibility and our principle here is to provide as much as possible of consultancy and experience to our clients so that their choice is based on awareness of a range of aspects including education quality, cultural, economic and pragmatic aspects. That is, we work to maintain a high degree of transparency with our clients from sides; the student side and the institute side.


VPSA Consultants is committed towards a high standard of open governance system whereby its activities are managed and undertaken ethically, transparently, and for the interests of all concerned individuals and organizations.

Our first priority is to provide a trustworthy consultancy that sustains our business and reputation and makes us up to standard meeting the big responsibility of being educational consultancy centre.

We believe that our work and our services concern major decisions of our students and their sponsors. For this reason, we always make sure that our services and information are in the first place to support students to take the right choice. This is our first principle in doing our job.

We understand that we should be fair and unbiased to any institution, program, education style or field. Our role is to provide a range of relevant information to students and explain the different choices to them so they can take their decisions wisely. We provide stories of success and failures of past students and this will be done in a way that broaden the awareness of  our student without driving them to any choice which match our own preferences. We are confident that this workstyle will increase and sustain our credibility and our reputation over time.

Our work shall be undertaken through implementation of the following company values:

  1. We will conduct our services ethically and transparently, respecting all applicable laws.
  2. We intend to be a responsible corporate citizen fulfilling our obligations as an integral member of society; hence our company decisions shall give appropriate weight and consideration to social impacts.
  3. We intend to provide services of uncompromising quality to meet the needs of our students and respected universities.
  4. We shall maintain our high standards of consultation to the most reachable point.
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