Education process

educationDuring the latest years, the countries geography is extending and a number of foreign citizens studying at the University are increasing. More than 3 000 medical practitioners from 64 countries of the world have received their professional education at the University for more than four decades. The most experienced experts representing professors and tutors of the National Medical University named after A. A. Bohomolets, who have 15 and more years of experience, are working with foreign citizens.

The academic process is based on uniting of principles of individual studies, objectivity and penetration into the language environment and practical orientation; its efficiency is confirmed by the following fact: the graduates successfully pass qualification examinations in their countries and hold the offices of not only medical practitioners, but organizers in the field of healthcare.As of today, more than 1 100 students and more than 100 masters, resident medical practitioners and post-graduate students from 60 countries of the world study at the National Medical University named after A. A. Bohomolets. Foreign students are taught in three languages; Ukrainian, Russian and English. More than 100 citizens from 20 countries of the world are taught in English.

educationForeign students take an active part in activities of scientific groups, multi-specialization Olympiads; take prize-winning places in sporting competitions.
On the annual basis, our University admits foreign students to the following faculties:

  • medical (training in specialty “medical business”);
  • stomatological (training in specialty “stomatology”);
  • pharmaceutical (training in specialty “pharmacy”);
  • foundation studies course, wherein the applicants get basic knowledge in physics, biology, chemistry, Russian or Ukrainian.

National Medical University named after A. A. Bohomolets is acknowledged as a leading institution in Ukraine for preparation of citizens from Jordan, India, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaidzhan, Turkmenistan and others.


Fees ($ US per one Academic Year)

  • Medical faculty

    Russian or Ukrainian language - 3300 $
    English language - 4300 $

  • Pharmaceutical faculty

    Russian or Ukrainian language - 3200 $
    English language - 4000 $

  • Dental faculty

    Russian or Ukrainian language - 3800
English language - 4500 $

  • Preparatory course

    For foreigners wishing to study in Ukrainian language functioning in the preparatory. Department. Ukrainian language – 2500 $