International Management and Marketing


Master’s Programme in English “International Management and Marketing” is designed for students with basic knowledge in microeconomics and enterprise management, who wish to extend it with regards to international dimension. The Programme will allow students to improve their understanding of international economy, ways and instruments of its regulation; to analyse ways of practical application of marketing concepts, principles, strategies and methods as well as fundamental approaches to understanding markets, competitors, portfolios of product offerings and brand management; to analyse current tendencies in international finance, financial infrastructure, logistics, innovation and investment management etc.

After completing the Programme the graduates will have practical knowledge of enterprise operation on the globalizing market, of using intellectual and financial resources for modernization, innovation and market expansion; of specifics of commercial operations in various cultural environments; will master systematic approaches to decision-making and practical skills in analysis, design, implementation and control of marketing strategies etc.

Graduates of the Programme may apply for positions in foreign and multinational companies, as well as in domestic business entities planning international market entry or expansion.

Admission requirements:

  • Bachelor of Management and Marketing/ International Business / International Economics/ Political Science.
  • Good working command of English

Degree on Graduation:

Master of International Management and Marketing.

Duration of the Programme:

3 semesters (1,5 years)

Language of the Programme:


Number of ECTS Credits:


Programme’s structure:

  • Two semesters of academic studies:
  • One semester for writing Master’s thesis and internship

Courses offered:

Bloc 1. Management and Marketing

  • Business Communication and PR (First Semester)
  • Ecological Accounting, Taxation, and Reporting (First Semester)
  • Political Geography and International Economics (Second Semester)
  • Creative Management Thinking (First Semester)
  • Methodology of International Business Research (Second Semester)
  • International Banking (First Semester)
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management (Second Semester)
  • International Insolvency (Second Semester)
  • International Business Law (Second Semester)
  • International Financial Management and Corporate Finance (First Semester)
  • Organisational Behaviour and Cross-Cultural Management (Second Semester)
  • Wealth Management (First Semester)
  • Business Ethics and Society (First Semester)
  • International Business Strategy (First Semester)
  • Human Resource Management (First Semester)
  • Intellectual Property in International Business (Second Semester)
  • Strategic Marketing Management (Second Semester)
  • Risk-Management in International Business  (Second Semester)

Bloc 2: Language Studies (throughout the Programme)

  • English language – for Ukrainian students
  • Ukrainian Language – for foreign students
  • Translation and Interpreting Practicum – for Ukrainian students

Bloc 3. Safety Courses (for Ukrainian students only)

  • Specialized Labour Safety (Third Semester)
  • Civil Protection (Third Semester)