National Medical University n.a. O. O. Bogomolets

  • is a main institution of higher medical learning among institutions of higher medical learning
  • ranks third in the field of scientific and methodological work and enhancement of qualification of scientific and pedagogical fellows of Ukrainian institutions of higher medical learning of І-IV levels of accreditation;
  • is a main Ukrainian institution of higher medical learning in connection with coordination of works related to implementation of fundamentals of the Bologna Declaration in the system of reformation of the higher medical education of Ukraine;
  • has more than 1 200 scientific and pedagogical fellows, among whom there are 137 professors, 188 Doctors of Sciences, 341 associate professors and 719 PHDs;

  • has more than 200 academicians and correspondent members of the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine and National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, winners of the State Prize of Ukraine, honourable scientific and technical fellows, educational and medical professionals as well as Ukrainian inventors;
  • has 10 specialized academic boards for defense of Doctor’s and PhDs theses in 21 scientific specializations;
  • on the annual basis, more than 200 patents for inventions, 60 sceintific forums, 50 scioentific monographs, 30 sceintific magazines and colelctions of scientific works;
  • more than 13 000 students, internship doctors, masters, resident medical practitioners, post-graduate students and doctors of sciences, among whom there are 1 200 foreign citizens;
  • International standard diploma: Diploma Supplement; Partner of Consortium of European Universities: in September of 2011, joined the association of signatories of Magna Charta Universitatum0.


Scientific and pedagogical fellows


Academicians and correspondent members

13 000

Students, internship doctors, masters


Patents for inventions

Information about the University is included into the list of certified universities and colleges of the world and is set out in prestigious domestic and foreign reference editions: “The Golden Book of Ukrainian Elite”, “World of Learning-2011” (Great Britain), etc. Contacts have been established with the embassies of Ukraine in foreign countries and embassies of foreign countries in Ukraine, for the purpose of providing information on conditions and opportunities for studies of foreign citizens at the National Medical University named after A. A. Bohomolets.

History of the University

  • 1840  The Greatest Rescript was signed by His Imperial Majesty Nickolas the First, whereby the medical faculty was established at the University of Saint Vladimir in Kyiv (29 of April, Old Style).
  • 1841  Decision of the Professors’ Council of the University of Saint Vladimir was adopted, whereby the medical faculty had to be opened in September of 1841. The first admission of students: 29 students.
  • 1842  Activities of the medical faculty commenced according to a new Charter, whereby teaching some additional disciplines was established pursuant to the organizational structure and a chair of state medical science was created.
  • 1853  Anatomy theatre of the medical faculty was established.
  • 1881  The students’ scientific society “Clinical Society of Medical Students” was organized.
  • 1885  Surgical and therapeutic hospitals were built.
  • 1888  The obstetrical hospital was built.
  • 1920  The Kyiv Institute of Healthcare, which united the medical faculty of the University of Saint Vladimir, the Women’s Medical Institute, and Medical Faculty of the Ukrainian State University, was created.
  • 1921  The Kyiv Institute of Healthcare was renamed into the Kyiv State Medical Academy, which thereupon became the Kyiv Medical Institute.
  • 1930  Publishing of the newspaper “The Red Medical Practitioner” commenced; in 1936 it was renamed into the “Medical Personnel”.
  • 1941  The Institute was evacuated.
  • 1943  The Institute resumed its activities in the city of Kyiv.
  • 1946  The Kyiv Medical Institute was named after the Academician A. A. Bohomolets, President of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.
  • 1965  The Museum of History of the Medical Science was organized (from 1982, it was called the National Museum of Medical Science of Ukraine).
  • 1992  The Institute was reorganized into the state medical university named after A. A. Bohomolets.
  • 1995 The University was granted the status of the National Medical University named after A. A. Bohomolets.
  • 2003 The University became a co-founder of the Inter-University Center of Cooperation of the Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, which included 33 universities from 14 states of the European region.
  • 2007 The University became a partner of the project of the European Union: Erazmusundus External Cooperation Window Lot 6 и Lot 7.
  • 2011 The University joined the association of signatories of Magna Charta Universitatum, Bologna, Italy.
    In 2011, the University won a competition and joined the program TEMPUS.

The University’s partners

  1. Universidade do Algarve ( Portugal )
  2. Universita’ di Bologna ( Italy )
  3. Universite Bordeaux 1 ( France )
  4. Humboldt Universitat zu Berlin ( Germany )
  5. Middle east technical university ( Turkey )
  6. Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam ( Kingdom Netherlands)
  7. Aristotle university of Thessaloniki ( Greece )
  8. Vilnius University ( Republic of Lithuania )
  9. Pultusk Academy of Humanities (Poland)
  10. UNIVERSIDAD DE DEUSTO – координатор проекту . (Spain)